5 reasons to choose a dedicated server for website

5 reasons to choose a dedicated server for website

In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons to choose a dedicated server for website. you will also know about the benefits of a dedicated server. There’s more than a dedicated server available in the market but we will help you to choose the best.

In the world of web hosting, businesses get two options – shared and dedicated hosting solutions for their websites. The shared hosting is cost-effective but often plagued by stability, security, and performance issues with resources shared equally among the hosted websites. On the contrary, dedicated hosting servers are known to offer better performance, stability, and uptime to websites. In other words, dedicated servers have become popular for large e-commerce and business organizations to handle large incoming traffic and requests with desired speed for visitors.

Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers

In the world of dedicated servers, the Linux dedicated servers and Windows dedicated servers are the most popular choices. The Linux dedicated servers run on the Linux operating system and are one of the most sought-after servers for large enterprises and e-commerce companies. The servers are reliable and stable providing suitable performances to websites. These are two popular options for companies looking for quality web hosting solutions for their business websites.

5 benefits of choosing a dedicated server for your website

1. Enjoy higher performance and resource

Dedicated servers deliver higher performance due to the availability of independent servers for the website. You will get full access to server resources such as CPU, RAM, and higher bandwidth for higher speed. As a result, the website will enjoy higher uptime and traffic online. When there is a disruption in website access, the business will face traffic loss and sales. The worst thing is that prospects will turn away from your brands to competitors. So, your website should have higher uptime and performance to enjoy success.

2. Privacy and security

Dedicated servers give an autonomous and separate platform to your website. Also, there will be a dedicated IP address for owners. That means there will be higher privacy and safety of your website content. The SSL certification installed on the website will secure confidential information of customers from falling into hacker’s hands.

3. Scalability

Dedicated servers are flexible and scalable according to the requirement of your business. You can alter the disk space, RAM, and CPU apart from the software present in the server. Businesses can increase resources based on the traffic inflow and other requirements. Unlike shared hosting, dedicated servers are flexible and scalable for an organization.

4. Higher uptime and reliability

Business and e-commerce websites should have higher uptime. For higher reliability and uptime, Linux dedicated server has become an ideal choice. The network will support more traffic and requests from visitors. As a result, the website will be instrumental in the success of an online business.

5. Total control and management

Configuring and management of the dedicated server will be a breeze for the owner. That is because they have a user-friendly interface with cPanel and Plesk panels for management. Moreover, there will be 24/7 managed support for businesses to resolve issues on the server.


Dedicated servers are better options than shared hosting for websites. Though dedicated servers are expensive, yet they are worth the price. That is because websites are the points of contact for a business with potential customers. It must deliver an awesome experience to visitors. Webmasters is a top company to buy premium dedicated servers. Contact us now.

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