Why choose an Amazon AWS Server for your website hosting?

Amazon Web Services has taken the world of web hosting and IT by storm since its launch in 2002. Many reputable companies, such as NASA, Netflix, and more are taking their web hosting solutions from Amazon. The reason for mentioning these names is not to show its elite customers but the number of powerful features their hosting solutions have for a website. Most importantly, Amazon offers on-demand and cloud-based hosting solutions to businesses on a subscription model.

Reasons to choose Amazon hosting solutions

Amazon hosting solutions give full access to a suite of virtual computers. The pre-loaded applications and software give customers a lot of operating systems to choose from. This feature enables customers to configure and monitor the website through the AWS account. Moreover, Amazon AWS server farms are available across the globe which is maintained by Amazon subsidiary companies. That is why it is regarded as the world’s large public cloud computing service.

Choosing to host your website on the managed AWS cloud gives a lot of advantages over the traditional hosting service. Experts will manage and maintain hosting services minimizing the work of business owners. Besides, here are the top benefits of taking Amazon hosting services:

Save money on the hosting service 

If you are looking for reliable hosting solutions at a reduced cost, Amazon web services have the right solution for you. Amazon servers are cost-effective enabling businesses to cut costs. As the service is available on a subscription model, you will pay for services and resources that you would use for your website operation.

Despite higher scopes of the system, you need to pay a little in adding extra bandwidth or storage on the network. As it is an open-source system, there won’t be higher monthly costs on the subscription.

Use resource and features as per your requirement 

The scalability of the hosting solution is one of the top benefits of choosing Amazon servers. It means businesses can scale up their resource and features used as per their requirements. That means customers can configure their website as per traffic inflows and other requirements. Moreover, hosting solutions are available for small businesses to enterprise-level websites. In this category, the premium AWS lightsail is a wonderful choice for businesses to meet their needs. Moreover, this enables businesses to launch apps and other web solutions in a click.

Higher flexibility for businesses 

The Amazon web server comes with superb flexibility. You get the flexibility of selecting features, operating system, programming and web application platforms. It gives a lot of room to work and configure hosting services based on your needs. Apart from that, you can also use AWS server in building new solutions for your site.

Easy and simple to use 

The AWS server is designed to be simple and easy to use. It means you won’t face problems in maintenance and management. You require a bit of IT knowledge to operate effectively in comparison to the traditional hosting layout. Moreover, it also allows application providers and vendors to host applications immediately. Apart from that, it is secure and offers lightning-fast speed to the website.

Where to buy an Amazon AWS server for your business?

Webmatics is a reliable place to buy this server at a great price with customized and managed solutions to businesses. Our technicians will manage your hosting service while you focus on your business growth. Check out the attractive AWS pricing suitable for your business. Contact us to buy a plan now.

5 Reasons to Choose Managed AWS Cloud Solutions for Your Business

Computing technologies are an indispensable part of modern businesses used for simpler workloads and gain competitive advantages. It is also an undeniable fact that managing computing technologies is a challenging feat for companies. A highly skilled workforce is necessary for the management of these technologies which involve costly recruitment and strenuous to retain.


What if we say that there is an easy, effective and efficient way of getting these essential technologies for your business, that too, at attractive prices. That is where the managed AWS cloud solutions come into the picture. Businesses can outsource AWS services from managed service providers for specialized processes and functions under a subscription model. It means owners can leave their worries of managing technologies to service providers while they work solely for their business growth.


5 benefits of choosing managed AWS cloud solutions


Many benefits are associated with a business taking AWS cloud solutions. There is no need to manage AWS infrastructure while getting rich resources to perform works effectively. These works are managed by experts of providers. Let us look at some of the crucial benefits for your business:


  1. Cost-effective services


By outsourcing AWS service from a provider, you will be paying only for the services and not fixed salaries to the entire IT workforce. Besides, you will get customized services as per the requirement of the organization. For instance, our Webmatics team provides customized solutions necessary to perform special functions and processes to clients. These services are available to customers at affordable monthly subscription. Check out AWS pricing and plans suitable for your business.


  1. Lower downtime and higher productivity


The downtime of websites causes a huge financial loss to the company. The sudden system failure leaves customers frustrated who abandon your website even in future purchases. According to a study by Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minutes. The worst thing is that only 2% of organizations recover from downtime within an hour and others have to wait for 4.78 hours on average. Consequently, firms lose millions of dollar in the meantime.


However, taking managed service helps to avoid frequent downtime. They monitor and maintain IT infrastructure to reduce the possibility of downtime. As a result, uptime and productivity will be higher. Additionally, the Amazon AWS server may be an ideal choice to host a business website to get maximum uptime and lightning speed. There will be higher sale and revenue for your business.


  1. Scalability and stability


The AWS cloud solutions are designed to meet businesses needs of all sizes. Market demands and processes are quite dynamic that change with an enlarging customer base. To meet the rising demands and interest, businesses need resources with higher stability and scalability to use as per their necessity. Our AWS managed service has different plans with scalability on existing infrastructures and resources to support your business development. Moreover, our team works proactively to be a part of your success.


  1. Constant updates, backup and security


Amazon AWS services come with a storage facility. But, technicians are necessary to work on the updates and security. All these problems are omitted by taking managed AWS cloud services from us. Our team will work on the updates, backup, and network security in the back end to ensure the maximum safety of valuable data.


  1. Higher operational efficiency


Deploying the Amazon AWS cloud helps to increase the efficiency of business operations. There will be simpler workloads with greater coordination between the departments. Moreover, operational flexibility in the business will be higher. For instance, the AWS lightsail ensures a simpler workload, quick deployment and launch immediately. Moreover, it is suitable for small to big enterprises to improve their work efficiency.


Where to find the best AWS cloud plans for your business?


Stay on top of the game by deploying an AWS cloud solution for your business. Webmatics is an ideal place to get managed AWS cloud plans at attractive prices. Talk to our experts for orientation on AWS managed services now.