How to register a domain name for your website?

The domain name is the address of your website. It is what visitors use in searching for your website to browse pages, images, and other files stored on the server. In other words, your domain name is important to establish a unique identity of your brand online. The name should be unique and distinctive to avoid confusing customers with different businesses. Thus, no two domain are exactly the same.

How to register a domain name for your website?

Registering a domain name is the first step towards building a website. Steps necessary in finding a cheap domain registration are easy and given below:

1. Find a domain name registrar

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers maintains the complete system of domain names and allows companies to be domain registrars. They sell and manage domain names. So, you need to find a domain registrar to register a domain. Apart from finding the best registrar, you must look at the policies and pricing of domain name registration. Webmatics is a leading place to get cheap domain registration with different suffices necessary for your business.

2. Search for your domain name

After finding the registrar, look for a suitable domain name using their search bar. Millions of domain names are available with thousands being added every day. Choose a domain that reflects your business goal and vision to relate with your audience.

3. Finalize your domain name choice

Millions of domain options will pop up in the searches. Brainstorm the option to select the right name for your website. But, the name should fit your brand best and easy to remember and find for visitors.

4. Choose a domain name suffix

There are many domain suffixes available for purchases. However, the most popular suffixes are .com, .net, and org. Apart from that, you can select a domain name with country based suffixes. Additionally, you can choose sponsored and top-level domains suitable for a specific community such as .edu and .gov for educational and government organizations respectively.

5. Purchase the domain name

After choosing the domain name and suffix, go for domain name registration from the registrar. Purchase the domain name for a year and renew your registration for a small fee every year.

6. Add Domain ID protection

While registering your domain name, you need to provide contact information such as your name, phone number, contact address, and email address. As soon as the domain is registered, this information would be available to the public. However, you can add domain IT protection to shield your private information from viewing and hackers. It is an excellent add-on for privacy-conscious customers.

Where to buy a domain name for registration?

Moreover, you can start searching for a hosting service and build a website for your business. Webmatics is an excellent place to buy cheap domain registration and hosting services at affordable prices. Apart from the registration, you can get domain transfer from their expert technicians fast. Contact us to buy the best domain names and plan for your business website.