How to Transfer a domain ? | Get The Simple Process Here

Do you want to transfer your domain name to a new registrar? If yes, domain transfer is a fast and easy process. You may have many reasons for sending a domain transfer request from the existing registrar to other registrants. The likely reasons may be that you are not happy with the current domain registrar’s service or are surprised by a sudden price hike. In every case, you have the right to move to another registrar. But, you may be denied transfer when the domain is under a 60-day change of Registrant lock.

What is a domain transfer?

Domain transfer is the process of moving a domain name from one registrar to another. The move is a right for website owners if they are not satisfied with the current services and can’t meet the price hike of the existing registrant. Send a request for domain transfer to the existing registrant to process immediately.

The process of moving domain names may be seamless for technical professionals but maybe a bit overwhelming for inexperienced individuals. There may be unwanted loss of data and downtime for websites if not handled properly. It is imperative to hire skilled technicians for this process to avoid problems later.

How to make your domain transfer seamless?

The moving process will be seamless by taking the following precautions:

  • Create a backup of everything such as files, database, email setting, and others
  • Create the TTL times on your DNS for a small value
  • Copy all the files, databases, and other settings to the new host. Special cautions should be exercised
  • for dynamic websites to prevent data loss in the transfer
  • Test the copied files in the new host
  • Copy and change the DNS setting of the old server to the new DNS server

Check how the site works and new settings before turning off the old account.

Domain transfer in 3 steps from Webmatics

Are you facing problems in transferring your domain to a new registrant? Don’t worry. Our technicians at Webmatics can offer risk-free and seamless domain transfer services. Here are 3 steps necessary to transfer your domain to Webmatics:

Request for authorization code

Remove the lock and security settings available at the existing registrar. Send us an authorization code from your current registrant.

Purchase a domain transfer

Buy a domain transfer from our website. After purchasing, you can log in to the account to enter your authorization code.

Confirm your transfer

You will get authorization emails from the current registrar and Webmatics on the admin email associated with your domain name. After your confirmation, our technicians will proceed to perform the remaining tasks for a comfortable domain transfer. The process will be free from risk, downtime, and data loss. With every domain transfer service, you will get a free email account, DNS management, free mail forward, domain theft protection, and online support to owners. We take full responsibility for your website.

We also provide cheap domain registration to customers. Trust our technicians to get a seamless domain transfer and registration for your website. Contact us to inquire now.