How to keep data and information safe on your website?

In this post, we will discuss How to keep data and information safe on your website. reasons why you need to install HTTPS on your website. and You will also know from where to buy a premium SSL certificate for your website.

If you own a blog or business website, you need an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity for every website. With growing incidents of online threats with phishing, identity theft, malicious software, and hacking, Google has made SSL certificates mandatory for every website. That is because Google pays more importance to the safety of visitors. Subsequently, a website with HTTPS marking enjoys a higher ranking and trust in the search results.

5 reasons to install HTTPS on your website

why ssl is important

There is no doubt that an SSL certificate brings many benefits to your website. Let us look at 5 benefits of using this certificate in your business website:

1. Protects sensitive information and data

The main purpose of an SSL certificate is to protect server-client information. The communication shared with the server and client remains encrypted. The sensitive data, such as IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, and account detail remain locked. This information can be unlocked by only intended people. In other words, they don't fall into the wrong harm who may abuse the information. The security layer offers by installing SSL prevents hackers and skimmers from getting unauthorized access to your website and client&’s information.

On the contrary, websites without protection remain vulnerable to hacking and injection of malicious software for stealing data, identity, and sensitive information of customers. It is better to enhance the security of your website with this extra security layer.

2. Authenticate your identity

The second most important task of an SSL certificate is to provide authentication of a website. Verifying your identity is important for better web security. While installing an SSL certificate, the Certificate Authority verifies your identity and organization. Thus, the trust indicator goes up for a website by installing HTTPS marking. This is an important factor to gain more popularity and loyal of customers online.

3. PCI compliance

Installing an SSL certificate is really important for websites accepting online payments. It adds an extra layer of security to get safe online transactions. This is one of the most important requirements for websites to be PCI compliant. Otherwise, the online transactions will be safe for you and visitors on the site.

4. Win customers trust and confidence

Did you know that Google warns visitors from opening websites with no HTTPS? Seeing this warning, most of the visitors will go to the competitors. The SSL certificate brings customer’s trust and confidence to browse through your website. With proper authentication and encryption, it shows that your business is a legitimate identity. As a result, more customers will be comfortable shopping from your online store.

5. Better search engine ranking

Last not the least is search engine ranking benefit. Google is giving more preference to websites having HTTPS for ranking. Moreover, many SEO experts have found a strong correlation between HTTPS and higher search ranking of sites on the search results.

Where to buy a premium SSL certificate for your website?

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Why is an SSL certificate important for your business website?

SSL certificates are important for a website’s security and safe data transfers. The certificate is especially crucial for e-commerce platforms where customer’s sensitive credit card and contact details are saved for completing their buying processes. Without installing the SSL certificate on the website’s server, there is a high chance of data breaches and loss of crucial information to hackers.

Moreover, Google and other search engines give a warning sign to visitors that browsing a particular site without the SSL certificate is not safe. Even visitors feel comfortable visiting a website marked with HTTPS instead of HTTP. Thus, this certificate is really important for websites to prevent data breaches and win the confidence of online customers.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is an encryption technology that provides a secure connection between a web server and a user’s web browser. Installing an SSL certificate on the website creates a protection layer for data transfer, credit card transaction, login detail, and other personal information. That means the information shared between a web browser and the user’s browser will remain encrypted or safe from prying eyes online.

Benefits of using an SSL certificate on the website

Websites get many benefits besides getting protection from hackers. Here are some of the crucial benefits of using an SSL certificate on your website:


Security of your website is the first benefit acquired after installing an SSL certificate. There will be a protection to your sensitive information, data and customer’s credential. This certificate is a must-have for e-commerce platforms where customers’ share their data and personal information to complete the buying process. Without this security, many customers are likely to run away to secured platforms for their online shopping.

According to a Gartner study, 70 per cent of shoppers prefer to look for websites marked with HTTPS before making an online purchase. The certificate brings trust and confidence to complete their online transaction on the website. That shows the importance of having this HTTPS on your website for sale and security purposes.

Higher ranking on Google search results

Security and seamless browsing experience for visitors have been a priority for Google. In August 2014, Google launched the HTTPS everywhere initiative. This is a crucial attempt to make the internet a safe place for users. Thus, they have marked every website’s URL with HTTPS using this certificate. Besides marking, Google is said to give higher priority to websites having this certificate installed on their web server. It means a website tends to rank higher on the search result than a site without this certificate. Higher ranking on the SERP means more traffic and sale for a business.

Where to buy an SSL certificate online?

Security and seamless experience are important for a website to achieve success in the competitive online market. Don’t give customers a reason to run away from your website by not installing this security feature. Though this certificate may come at an additional cost, yet it is worth getting the website’s protection and business success.

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