5 reasons why you MUST Choose WordPress for your new Website.

Building a website from scratch has never been so easier. Thanks to WordPress, an open-source platform, that has built an attractive and optimized website simpler. Though there are a lot of content management systems online, yet WordPress CMS stands out from the rest.

Today, WordPress powers over 30% of total websites and with 500 new sites coming every day on the web. Business owners are choosing this platform for many good reasons. Let us look at reasons to know why WP has become the most popular platform for building a website:

1. World’s Most Popular CMS For Building Websites

Apart from its huge user base, WordPress has millions of developers around the world. The community of Developers brings up new updates, functionalities, and plugins regularly. Taking managed WordPress services brings automatic upgrades and features from providers while you focus on your business growth.

With a powerful content management system, WP ensures a fluid blogging and content management experience. Moreover, you will get total ownership of the content available on the website. That is why it is considered the world’s best blogging platform.

2. Easy to manage and scale your website

Platforms like Linux and Spotify require a good amount of developer skills for their management. On the contrary, WP-powered websites are simple and easy to manage for owners. There is no need for developing skills in uploading or management a WP website.

Apart from its simpler management, WP websites are easy to scale up according to your business needs. As traffic and content increases in a website, more resource is essential. Fortunately, you can find a suitable WordPress plan necessary for your project with scalability.

WordPress is Free & Open source and easily scalable but with the scalability

3. Premium themes and plugins

WordPress comes with thousands of premium themes and plugins to use on your website. There are about 55 thousand plugins that give better functionalities and rich features to your website. You will find hundreds of premium WordPress themes suitable for building websites with functionalities and customizability. These features and functionalities are constantly upgraded by the community of developers.

4. Search engines friendly websites

Search engine optimization is a necessary way that helps a website to ranks higher on the search result. Higher ranking on the SERPs means more traffic and sales for a business. But, ranking a website is not easy unless that is optimized according to the guidelines of search engines.

Fortunately, WP websites are search engines friendly and easy to promote. Selecting this platform for building a website means inching closer to the online marketing success of your organization. It is not difficult to find out why it is the most popular platform for building a site from scratch.

5. Security and safety

Though no platform is 100% secure from online threats, yet WordPress is one of the most secure platforms for building websites. Security challenges keep popping up on the web giving headaches to the owners. However, WP developer’s community upgrades and checks vulnerabilities constantly to prevent security breaches. Moreover, you can add security layers to protect your website and sensitive information from falling into the hacker’s hands.


WordPress is one of the most sought-after platforms for building a website for any kind of organization. You will enjoy flexibility, customizability, and rich features which are not found on other platforms. Besides, WordPress hosting is not tied to any platform. You can easily move and integrate with other providers according to your needs. For managed WordPress services, contact us now.