Google Cloud Vs AWS: Opting Managed Cloud Services

Google Cloud Vs AWS: Opting Managed Cloud Services

In recent years Cloud computing has become one of the most popular keywords in the Technical sector. Whenever you plan an app or manage your data, “Cloud Ecosystem” is the first word that hits your mind

From using individual cloud services to migrate your entire infrastructure into a new cloud ecosystem, Cloud technologies added a lot of benefits to power up the flexibility note of an organization.

Before getting started with cloud services, you need to go through a lot of questions like which is the best cloud service, provider? Which one is providing different services? Which is cost-effective and much more. Here we are talking about the biggest giants of cloud service providers Google Cloud and AWS.


Let’s differentiate Google Cloud vs Amazon Web Services.

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Why Google Cloud Vs AWS?

If you are planning to use cloud services, you must have done your research and you must have heard about the three big giants of Cloud providers, viz, Google cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. But in this blog, we will compare Google Cloud vs AWS. Both Google Cloud and AWS are industry leaders with over a decade of experience in cloud computing. They both dominate the market with their innovation and excellence.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading cloud provider with better UI and smooth usage, whereas Google has a large network, flexible ecosystem, and comparatively cheaper.


If you are also the one who always debates over Google Cloud Vs AWS, you need to understand what each cloud ecosystem offers in terms of computing, storage, pricing, flexibility, scalability, and capabilities. In this blog, we will uncover all the facts that differentiate Google Cloud and AWS.

Let’s start with knowing both the platforms, their advantages, and their drawbacks.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a public cloud offering by Google. This platform is used internally to support Google Search and Youtube. It contains a suite of cloud computing services and resources.

GCP provides a wide range of services like IaaS, PaaS, and, SaaS. To customize your cloud environment you can combine these Google services.

Each service and resource offered by GCP can be managed in a zone/region, or across multiple regions.


What is Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most secure cloud service platforms that can help businesses in developing scalability database storage, compute power, and much more. With the help of AWS companies can host dynamic websites and distribute static and dynamic files over a global content delivery network by running web apps on cloud servers. AWS is provided by Amazon via IaaS (Infrastructure as Service), SaaS (Software as a Service), and PaaS (Platform As Service).


Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Cloud



Credibility comes first. You can set your own server maintenance time.

SSL certificate

Google Cloud provides the ability to automatically issue and manage SSL certificates for you. If in case your certificates expire, Google Cloud automatically renews them.


Files / Asset Storage

With Google Cloud, you need not worry about your files. Storage buckets in Google Cloud can store your files without storing them on a specific server.



  • It is expensive at some major functionalities.
  • It is slower than Cloudflare.
  • The SDK APIs are less stable as compare to AWS.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AWS

Advantages of AWS

Pay only for the Usage

This is best feature for any cloud computing that. you need to pay only for the usage. So it saves a lots of amount and help you with the growth of the company.

There is no capacity limit

Various projects are launched by organizations, AWS helps the organizations by providing high capacity limits even at the lowest prices. So that top management’s workload is reduced and they can focus on newer ideas.

Provides speed and agility

AWS the fastest and agile server delivers servers in minutes. All you have to do is choose your need and move forward easily and comfortably.

Safe and reliable

Amazon allows you to innovate and scale while keeping a safe environment and you only have to pay for the services you use. To secure and strengthen the infrastructure, AWS provides end to end approach to its users


  • AWS sets default limits on changing resources from region to region.
  • Since security is one of the main features, AWS limits some of its features, which cannot be changed


The deep analysis between Google Cloud vs AWS tells us that AWS is comparatively more durable, flexible, and scalable.

Should i opt for Managed Cloud Services?

Whatever business you are into, security threats, downtime, and data loss are always be a threat to your business, but with the help of managed cloud services, you can avoid any miss happening to your data, save your time and increase your productivity with new ideas.

From migration, configuration, and optimization to security and maintenance, managed cloud services provide a bucket of benefits to the organization.

The best cloud management service provider knows about your business and helps your business environment fill the gaps of technical skill sets.


The good thing about cloud services is that they are scalable, you can access various additional resources whenever you need them, and depend upon your usage you will get charged. So you need not buy any hardware for additional redundancy.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

  1. You will get Customized Services
  2. Future proof business with the Latest Technologies.
  3. Enhance cost management and make your business Cost-effective.
  4. Better control over Services, Maintenance, and Performance.
  5. Increase employee production through Centralized Network.



Differentiate Between Google Cloud Vs AWS

Google Cloud Vs AWS: Services and Features

In terms of cost, Google beats AWS no doubt. But remember one thing, cost never decides everything, it is just a part of the service. What would you do after purchasing cheaper cloud services with zero flexibility, reliability, and performance level? What would you do when you are unable to meet your business needs after getting cheaper services?


Yes, AWS is expensive but it is also offering more than 200 services as compare to 95 services offering by Google Cloud. Large businesses need specific services and here AWS meets the needs of most businesses.

AWS provides lots of customization options which is right now in need of an hour, whereas Google cloud is best in terms of flexibility and scalability. To meet the business requirements each platform is well set with its pre-defined scenarios.



Google Cloud Vs AWS: Free Tier Range


To encourage large businesses to try different services, both AWS and Google Cloud offer free tier ranges to their customers. It is the most attractive part of their functionalities where Google Cloud vs AWS is a long-term cut-throat competition.


AWS gives three free tier options viz. 30 days, 12 months, and always free periods but with some restrictions.


On the other hand, Google offers free tier ranges to its 24 products and is subjected to restrictions.


The usage limit also strengthens the competition between Google Cloud and AWS. Both provide the same usage limits, Google Cloud $300 credit to its new customers and the same goes with AWS. Both provide flexible plans and services to their customers to accomplish their business needs.

Google Cloud Vs AWS: Pricing


Every business is looking for cost-cutting opportunities and cloud computing is the best way to avail the best services at the best prices. The price war between Google Cloud vs AWS is not a new thing. We can not divide them on the basis of price alone too. Google Cloud offers core cloud computing whereas AWS offers different services and tools. Both apply frequent price cuts in their plans, you might not notice the same price for the same plan the next day.


Google Cloud is proud to offer a lower price compared to its competitors. Some compute services may have significant price advantages over AWS through Google Cloud Platform Committed Usage and Permanent Mitigation Programs.


On the other side, for general purposes like on-demand / Linux general purpose with 2 CPUs, on-demand / Linux compute-optimized with 2 CPUs, and Memory Optimized, AWS has a price advantage over Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Vs AWS: Global Reach


In terms of price and flexibility of the cloud platform, AWS beats Google Cloud. AWS scores are better in terms of global reach, providing significantly more data centers worldwide. Till now the Google Cloud Platform has 24 regions, 73 zones, and more than 100 presence points in 35 locations. AWS has customers in 24 regions, 77 availability zones, two local regions, and 245 countries and territories. Additionally, AWS is adding new data centers at a faster rate than Google.

If we talk about outside the United States and Europe AWS is a better choice. More areas and greater availability mean that businesses that choose AWS can provide resources faster – however, it is important to know that not every service from AWS is available in every area.


Google Cloud Vs AWS: Tools

Google Cloud Tools

  • Cloud Bigquery
  • Cloud IoT core
  • Cloud video intelligence
  • Google Data studio
  • Cloud Data Flow
  • Cloud Dataproc
  • Cloud Speech API
  • Cloud Dataprep
  • Cloud pub/sub
  • Genomics
  • Cloud Machine Learning engine
  • Cloud Natural Language API
  • Cloud Translation API
  • Cloud Vision API

AWS Tools

  • Amazon Recognition for image and facial analysis
  • AWS Lambda for serverless function
  • AWS Glue is a fully managed ETL service useful for data analytics
  • Amazon Kinesis to process streaming data
  • Amazon Redshift provides data warehousing for analytics.
  • AWS Deep Learning AMIs
  • Amazon ElasticMapReduce to process large amounts of data in the Hadoop framework
  • Amazon Athena to query data for S3
  • Amazon AI suite for voice and chatbot support
  • Supports deep learning development frameworks


We have done a complete analysis and differentiate Google Cloud vs AWS. We have seen there is no clear winner. For large-scale organizations with specific needs, for multinational companies in multiple countries, and businesses outside the United States and Europe, AWS is no matter the best choice as it offers excellent levels of support, availability, and more redundancy.

On the other side, Google Cloud offers greater flexibility, speed, wins on-demand prices, and offers products and services that meet the needs of most businesses nowadays.

No matter what you choose, but the one you choose you just need to check it must be best suited for your business needs.

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