Top 10 AWS Services You Must Try Atleast Once

Top 10 AWS Services You Must Try Atleast Once


There are quite a number of services offered by Amazon Web Services, each of which is classified into various domain categories including network, content delivery, identity compliance, migration, storage, database, compute management tools, and security. Regardless, it can still be tricky to navigate through them. In case, you want to move your applications or database to your AWS cloud, we’re here to provide you with Top 10 AWS services you need to have to make sure you’re never caught off guard and always have your arsenal working.

  1. Amazon EC2

Now, there’s little to no need for you to invest in any expensive services that are provided physically. With Amazon EC2, you can create virtual machines and manage other server features without having to spend on expensive physical services. You get to spend your time in a fruitful manner without worrying about the servers like earlier. All of this makes Amazon EC2,   one of the most popular and fastest-growing among the other service.

  1. Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

The Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) is a highly-complex database service that lets you create and manage databases in minutes. It can run smoothly even with complex multi-language databases like SQL Server, SQL, PostgreSQL, and more. Not to mention that it maintains database servers.

  1. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

These days we use a lot data for the mammoth amount of work that we do. This is where Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) comes to play, it is an excellent storage solution for large-scale data storage. Amazon S3 lets you store and manage data in multiple data centers in a region, it has integrations that help prevent breaches using PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, and FedRAMP. It comes with a variety of features that make it suitable for various applications, so you get flexibility with your data without almost no latency.

  1. Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that helps improve the speed and reach of web content. It delivers web content to end users globally. This service helps improve the web page loading speed and access to cloud-hosted data. It does so by delivering content to end users at the fastest possible speeds. It even pulls website static files from data centers throughout the world.

  1. Amazon VPS

If you are ready to isolate your entire IT infrastructure from exposure, then the only way to do it is with Amazon VPS. This service creates a private virtual network that cannot be accessed by anyone or anything except the people and systems you authorize.

In case, you and your company Amazon Virtual Private Server is a great way to keep your critical systems isolated from the public. It mimics your servers within a shared space.

For instance, you can quickly create a VPC via the AWS Management Console. Immediately, route tables, security groups, IP ranges, and Subnets are created. Along with that, you get advanced security features such as network access control lists and security groups. In case, you need more security, you can create dedicated instances that are isolated at the hardware level from your other AWS accounts.

  1. Amazon SNS

Amazon Simple Notification Service is a completely managed messaging app, unlike the dating platforms that are so difficult to navigate. It can be used both for application-to-application and application-to-person communication. You can program it to alert your subscribers whenever a said trigger is performed/completed.

It lets you send notifications to any users on any platform. Further, Amazon SNS offers integration with PHP, Node, Python, and more. So then, you won’t miss a crucial alert at any time.

  1. AWS Beanstalk

AWS Elastic Beanstalk was created to make a developer’s life easy. You can simply upload your code just you upload any file on drive, and it will handles everything else from the setup, configuration, and provisioning of other AWS services such as EC2, RDS, and S3. Not to mention, the automated setup also helps to avoid human error which I mean let’s be honest are pretty unavoidable. You also get complete control over the AWS resources used in your application.

  1. AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is server-less, event-driven compute service that you didn’t know you needed until you heard about it. You know how sometimes the tiniest slips causes the biggest blunders, it helps you avoid the same. You can virtually run any type of code or backend service over it without having to worry about the servers. It will offer the right amount of support and resources to ensure that your servers aren’t stretched beyond their capacity.

  1. AWS Autoscaling

If your intention is to grow even in your sleep, then AWS Autoscaling might just be for you. It monitors your applications and its crucial movements like traffic and prepares for seasonal spikes to maintain steady, predictable performance. The best part is that it comes at no additional cost. You only pay for what you use and Amazon CloudWatch monitors your fees accordingly.

  1. AWS IAM

Last but not the least is AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). As the name clearly says, it has a lot to security and the people it gives access too. It gives an effective measures to protect sensitive data and the AWS resources. You can also use it with your organization’s 2FA and MFA.


Institutions all over the world believe that the top 10 most used AWS are hidden gems of the cloud services. They are safe while being extremely cost-effective, not to mention the fact that they help to ensure continuous operational efficiency.