Why is Microsoft 365 the right productivity suite for your business?

The productivity of an office workforce revolves around the basic office suite consisting of email, calendar, word, and spreadsheet. As the workforce is more mobile nowadays, the basic productivity toolset can no longer meet the requirement of modern offices. But, the recent Microsoft 365 has a ready mobile collaborative platform for employees to work from anywhere and anytime. That is why this productivity is the most popular platform for small businesses to enterprises to simplify their works at offices.

Why is Ms 365 the right choice for your business?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based service that enables users to get basic productivity tools necessary to perform work at modern offices. The productivity applications include a word processor, spreadsheet, email, calendar, and others essential to carry out daily activities at business organizations. Owing to its cloud-based structure, the applications of this productivity suite are constantly updated and upgraded for better performance.

Let us look at the crucial features that businesses get with a business premium subscription to Microsoft 365:


This is the standard app helpful to create word documents at the office. The standard word processor is available with both Microsoft 365 premium and business purchases.


Excel is one of the best tools to create a spreadsheet for basic data analysis since its invention in the last century. The tool comes with both the business and premium version of Microsoft 365.


Managing emails and appointment calendar is easy with Outlook. The app is a busy interface with users managing their emails daily at the office.


PowerPoint allows users to create engaging displays and share information with the audience in basic slide to animation and video formats. It is an effective way of communicating with individuals with an attractive presentation.


Communicating with a broader audience requires formal and professional things than a presentation. To create professional newsletters, brochures, and booklets, nothing helps better than a publisher app available with Ms 365.


The workforce has become more mobile than before. In this age, it has become essential to capture information on the go. OneNote is a useful app that allows one to take notes on any device and retrieve them later easily.


The OneDrive for Business comes with a huge cloud-based storage facility. It enables a business to store and retrieve important files whenever necessary from the cloud.


Subscription to the Microsoft 365 business premium gives organizations a few applications that help in the management of backend infrastructure. In this regard, SharePoint helps to host intranet websites for the business. Smaller websites can be hosted which are designed for smaller teams and divisions.

Microsoft teams

The young workforce of the modern offices is familiar with chat applications. The Microsoft teams now have a chat-based workspace that binds employees, content and tools on a single platform. Besides, you will find collaboration tools in this productivity suite to ensure easy communication between the department of an enterprise.


The present workplace is dynamic that requires time and resources in management. But, flow can be an ideal choice for this purpose. It provides a single platform to manage notifications across the applications of Microsoft 365.

24/7 support

Many technical problems may arise in running Microsoft office 365. There is nothing to worry about for businesses as the technical support team remains on standby to resolve the issues of customers.

Where to buy Microsoft Office 365 for your business?

Microsoft 365 is undoubtedly one of the best productivity tools that are available in the market. Webmatics is a reliable place to buy this productivity suite for your business operations. Moreover, you will get the best Ms 365 pricing from us. Contact us to buy now.

How to keep data and information safe on your website?

If you own a blog or business website, you need SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is no longer considered a luxury but a necessity for every website. With growing incidents of online threats with phising, identity theft, malicious software, and hacking, Google has made SSL certificate mandatory for every website. That is because Google pays more importance on the safety of visitors. Subsequently, website with HTTPS marking enjoys higher ranking and trust on the search results.

5 reasons to install HTTPS on your website

There is no doubt that SSL certificate brings many benefits to your website. Let us look at 5 benefits of using this certificate in your business website:

1. Protects sensitive information and data

The main purpose of an SSL certificate is to protect server-client information. The communication shared with the server and client remains encrypted. The sensitive data, such as IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, and account detail remain locked. This information can be unlocked by only intended people. In other words, they don't fall into wrong harm who may abuse the information. The security layer offers by installing SSL prevent hackers and skimmers from getting unauthorized access to your website and client&’s information.

On the contrary, websites without protection remains vulnerable to hacking and injection of malicious software for stealing data, identity, and sensitive information of customers. It is better to enhance security of your website with this extra security layer.

2. Authenticate your identity

The second most important task of an SSL certificate is to provide authentication of a website. Verifying your identity is important for better web security. While installing an SSL certificate, the Certificate Authority verify your identity and organization. Thus, the trust indicator goes up for a website by installing HTTPS marking. This is an important factor to gain more popularity and loyal of customers online.

3. PCI compliance

Installing an SSL certificate is really important for websites accepting online payment. It adds an extra layer of security to get safe online transaction. This is one of the most important requirements for websites to be PCI compliant. Otherwise, online transaction will be safe for you and visitors on the site.

4. Win customers trust and confidence

Did you know that Google warns visitors from opening websites with no HTTPS? Seeing this warning, most of the visitors will go to the competitors. The SSL certificate brings customer’s trust and confidence to browse through your website. With proper authentication and encryption, it shows that your business is a legitimate identity. As a result, more customers will be comfortable to shop from your online store.

5. Better search engine ranking

Last not the least is search engine ranking benefit. Google is giving more preference to websites having HTTPS for ranking. Moreover, many SEO experts have found a srong correlation between HTTPS and higher search ranking of sites on the search results.

Where to buy premium SSL certificate for your website?

Webmatics is a leading place to buy a premium SSL certificate for your website. The certificate comes at an attractive price to site. Contact us to buy now.

How to get a seamless domain transfer?

Do you want to transfer your domain name to a new registrar? If yes, domain transfer is a fast and easy process. You may have many reasons for sending a domain transfer request from the existing registrar to other registrants. The likely reasons may be that you are not happy with the current domain registrar’s service or are surprised by a sudden price hike. In every case, you have the right to move to another registrar. But, you may be denied transfer when the domain is under a 60-day change of Registrant lock.

What is a domain transfer?

Domain transfer is the process of moving a domain name from one registrar to another. The move is a right for website owners if they are not satisfied with the current services and can’t meet the price hike of the existing registrant. Send a request for domain transfer to the existing registrant to process immediately.

The process of moving domain names may be seamless for technical professionals but maybe a bit overwhelming for inexperienced individuals. There may be unwanted loss of data and downtime for websites if not handled properly. It is imperative to hire skilled technicians for this process to avoid problems later.

How to make your domain transfer seamless?

The moving process will be seamless by taking the following precautions:

  • Create a backup of everything such as files, database, email setting, and others
  • Create the TTL times on your DNS for a small value
  • Copy all the files, databases, and other settings to the new host. Special cautions should be exercised
  • for dynamic websites to prevent data loss in the transfer
  • Test the copied files in the new host
  • Copy and change the DNS setting of the old server to the new DNS server

Check how the site works and new settings before turning off the old account.

Domain transfer in 3 steps from Webmatics

Are you facing problems in transferring your domain to a new registrant? Don’t worry. Our technicians at Webmatics can offer risk-free and seamless domain transfer services. Here are 3 steps necessary to transfer your domain to Webmatics:

Request for authorization code

Remove the lock and security settings available at the existing registrar. Send us an authorization code from your current registrant.

Purchase a domain transfer

Buy a domain transfer from our website. After purchasing, you can log in to the account to enter your authorization code.

Confirm your transfer

You will get authorization emails from the current registrar and Webmatics on the admin email associated with your domain name. After your confirmation, our technicians will proceed to perform the remaining tasks for a comfortable domain transfer. The process will be free from risk, downtime, and data loss. With every domain transfer service, you will get a free email account, DNS management, free mail forward, domain theft protection, and online support to owners. We take full responsibility for your website.

We also provide cheap domain registration to customers. Trust our technicians to get a seamless domain transfer and registration for your website. Contact us to inquire now.

Linux vs Windows Dedicated Servers: Which is better for your website?

When it comes to hosting solutions, Linux and Windows have grown in acceptance and popularity among companies. An incessant debate is going on whether to choose Linux or Windows servers for their website’s hosting solution. Some owners desire to go with Linux servers while others seek the comfort and familiarity of Windows.

Are you confused about which hosting is right for you? The best way to decide whether to choose Linux or Windows server for your hosting is to gather information. Taking an informed decision is always best for any business. Check out the differences between the two servers to help in making your decision:

The Operating System

The first difference is the operating system as they are called Windows and Linux. The user interface, functions and syntax options are not the same. Most companies want to stick with the familiar and comfortable operating system. If you plan to interact with Os without cPanel to manage database, software and email, then owners will have a better time with Windows.

Think about the size of the website that you are building in the first place. The Windows dedicated server is suitable for enterprise websites that require power and stability in the performance. The windows servers are also used for exchange and SharePoint servers.

On the contrary, Linux servers are ideal choices for experienced developers who know how to configure servers based on their needs. Developers also need to possess Python and PHP knowledge. Linux servers come with many development tools which can be used to sort out technical issues.

Control Panels and Development Tools

Linux comes with a control panel called cPanel. It enables users to install much software from an accessible interface. It further allows to configure PHP and create MySQL database using the cPanel.

Of course, using a Windows server has its own benefit. It comes with a tool called Plesk having many similar features to cPanel and can run the LAMP stack version.

Domains, Disk Space, and Databases

Are you managing multiple domains at one hosting? Then, you will have a good time managing them with cPanel. It provides a simpler way of managing disk space for various domains from a single host with a cPanel user interface. That is because you can allocate the disk space based on the required amount in the contract.

However, it is worth noting that web hosting companies possess good experience working with Linux and Windows servers. For the experienced technicians, both Plesk and cPanel offer simpler ways of management.

Security and Reliability

Security and reliability will be important components of an effective hosting solution. That is because websites often face malicious scripts, phishing, and other security issues. Both Windows and Linux dedicated servers are secure and known for their reliability. Owing to their higher performance, they can support higher incoming traffic and requests.


Linux and Windows servers are highly reliable hosting solutions that companies can trust. But, Linux requires development knowledge and Windows server come with a user-friendly interface. Moreover, Windows servers are suitable for a larger website with more traffic inflow while Linux is suitable for small to large sites.

Still confused, which one would be better for your website? Contact us to get expert guidance and help.

What do you need to know about VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is one of the most reputed hosting services available for your website. VPS uses virtualization technology to deliver a dedicated (private) resource on a server with many users. But, it is different from a standard shared hosting service where dedicated space is not available. This is because VPS hosting is secure and stable than shared hosting can provide. Most importantly, VPS comes cheaper and smaller than the cost of renting an entire server.

VPS hosting is best for websites having medium-level traffic that exceeds the limit of shared hosting. The best thing is that you can find standard and premium hosting plans to suit your business needs. Higher VPS plans will have higher scalability and stability in the performance of websites.

How does VPS hosting work?

Normally, the server is a computer where the web host stores files and databases essential for your website. When a visitor wants to access your website, the user browser sends a request to your server and it offers the requested files through the internet. A virtual private server simulates a physical server though this machine is shared among different users.

Virtualization technology is used to create a virtual layer on top of the operating system of the server. That layer partitions the server allowing each user to install their operating system and software. It allows more customizability and control for users. Setting up a website with VPS allows guaranteed and dedicated resources, such as disk space, memory, CPU cores, and bandwidths. With the root level-access, you can have experience of a dedicated server but at a much lower expense. Apart from that, you can use VPS SSD for blazing speed and performance for your website.

What are the pros of choosing VPS hosting?

Choosing VPS hosting comes with many benefits. It can be an ideal hosting solution that your website needs. Let us look at some important pros of choosing this hosting:

  • – VPS is fast and reliable than a shared hosting
  • – The website will have zero to minimal fluctuation with dedicated server resources
  • – Websites won’t get affected by issues and traffic surges on other sites
  • – Super control of the website with root access
  • – Higher privacy and protection as files and databases are locked in your server
  • – Higher scalability and customizability with an easy upgrade of resources


As stated above, VPS is an ideal hosting solution for websites with mid-level traffic but can be scaled according to your business needs. The advanced hosting plans are easily upgradable and offer a shared and dedicated hosting experience to users. Upgrade the plan when traffic spikes are expected. Moreover, it is suitable for medium businesses to e-Commerce platforms where security and a stable environment matter a lot for success.



VPS hosting is an ideal solution for a medium to a high-traffic website with many resources and customizability. It gives full control and access to resources without spending much on renting a dedicated server. Websites will have stability with speed and performance to tackle incoming requests from visitors. Moreover, VPS pricing is quite affordable. VPS servers are reliable for hosting business websites to achieve success. Contact us to buy premium hosting plans now.

Is WordPress ideal for for your business website?

Want to build an attractive website for your business?

A website can make or break a business. The business website must be attractive and engaging while providing a user-friendly interface to visitors. To build such a business website, you need to choose a reliable platform with quality CMS to get flexibility and customization options. WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Wix and Weebly are some potential choices in this category. However, WordPress stands out of the rest with over 34% of share on the web. In other words, millions of business owners and bloggers can't go wrong in choosing this platform.

5 reasons to choose WordPress for building your business website

WordPress is a safe bet in any circumstances in building a professional business website. The open-source platform has a perfect CMS framework for building a simple blog to the feature-rich e-commerce website. It is not only easy to use but also powerful and flexible to fulfil your unique requirement.

If you are not convinced yet, let us look 5 reasons to choose WP in creating your business site:

1. Cost-effective

If you are looking for a free and powerful platform to build your website, you can’t be wrong by choosing WordPress. One of the best reasons to choose WP is it is a completely free and open source platform. That means you can enjoy the features without paying anything and a cost effective solution in the long term. But, you need to pay for WordPress hosting service while creating your business site.

Other benefits include advanced features, themes, plugins and tools to customize according to your needs. Moreover, there are frequent updates on features and security to find out flaws to prevent online threats to users.

2. User-friendly CMS

If you are creating your first website, the process can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially if you don’t have much experience in handling content management systems. Fortunately, there won’t be any problem in handling your WordPress CMS. It is simple and easy to create by seeing only the tutorials. It is beginner’s friendly with a simple admin dashboard for easy understand and customization options. No prior coding knowledge is essential in creating a fully functional website. It means you will get an easy life in customizing, setting, installing themes and plugins. Moreover, you can customize every aspect of the site if you possess prior knowledge using this platform.

3. Powerful and Flexible

WordPress core comes with many premium features that give additional functionalities and customization options. The premium WordPress plan comes with powerful themes and plugins with tools useful to customize site design and functionalities. In other words, you will get dedicated themes for creating photography, e-commerce, personal blog, and other themed sites easily. Further, you will get thousand of options and come at affordable prices.

4. Higher Protection for Websites

Online threats loom large with growth in hacking, phishing, and malicious software infection instances. Whether you have a personal blog or e-commerce website, security is an important issue to look at. Fortunately, WordPress comes with Wordfence security to secure your information and personal data from falling into the wrong hands. There will be frequent security updates to remove bugs and security threats.

5. Search Engines Friendly

Search engines friendly websites rank higher on the search results with little promotion. Any business looking to get more organic traffic and sales need an SEO- friendly website for success. The WordPress themes come with more customization options for succeeding in SEO efforts. WordPress is even recommended by SEO Yoast.

Key Takeaways

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS with easy to customize features and functionalities to create websites. But, Where to buy premium managed WP solutions for your website? Webmatics is a leading company to get desired WP plans and themes to get a feature rich business websites. Contact us today.

5 reasons to choose a dedicated server for your website

In the world of web hosting, businesses get two options – shared and dedicated hosting solutions for their websites. The shared hosting is cost-effective but often plagued by stability, security, and performance issues with resources shared equally among the hosted websites. On the contrary, dedicated hosting servers are known to offer better performance, stability, and uptime to websites. In other words, dedicated servers have become popular for large e-commerce and business organizations to handle large incoming traffic and requests with desired speed for visitors.

Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers

In the world of dedicated servers, the Linux dedicated servers and Windows dedicated servers are the most popular choices. The Linux dedicated servers run on the Linux operating system and one of the most sought-after servers for large enterprises and e-commerce companies. The servers are reliable and stable providing suitable performances to websites. These are two popular options for companies looking for quality web hosting solutions for their business websites.

5 benefits of choosing a dedicated server for your website

1. Enjoy higher performance and resource

Dedicated servers deliver higher performance due to the availability of independent server for the website. You will get full access to server resources such as CPU, RAM, and higher bandwidth for higher speed. As a result, the website will enjoy higher uptime and traffic online. When there is a disruption in website access, the business will face traffic loss and sales. The worst thing is that prospects will turn away from your brands to competitors. So, your website should have higher uptime and performance to enjoy success.

2. Privacy and security

Dedicated servers give an autonomous and separate platform to your website. Also, there will be a dedicated IP address for owners. That means there will be higher privacy and safety of your website content. The SSL certification installed on the website will secure confidential information of customers from falling into hacker’s hand.

3. Scalability

Dedicated servers are flexible and scalable according to the requirement of your business. You can alter the disk space, RAM, and CPU apart from the software present in the server. Businesses can increase resources based on the traffic inflow and other requirements. Unlike shared hosting, dedicated servers are flexible and scalable for an organization.

4. Higher uptime and reliability

Business and e-commerce websites should have higher uptime. For higher reliability and uptime, Linux dedicated server has become an ideal choice. The network will support more traffic and requests from visitors. As a result, the website will be instrumental in the success of an online business.

5. Total control and management

Configuring and management of the dedicated server will be a breeze for the owner. That is because they have a user-friendly interface with cPanel and Plesk panel for management. Moreover, there will be 24/7 managed support for businesses to resolve issues on the server.


Dedicated servers are better options than shared hosting for websites. Though dedicated servers are expensive, yet they are worth the price. That is because websites are the points of contact for a business with potential customers. It must deliver an awesome experience to visitors. Webmatics is a top company to buy premium dedicated servers. Contact us now.

5 reasons to choose WordPress for your website

Building a website from scratch has never been so easier. Thanks to WordPress, an open-source platform, that has built an attractive and optimized website simpler. Though there are a lot of content management systems online, yet WordPress CMS stands out from the rest.

Today, WordPress powers over 30% of total websites and with 500 new sites coming every day on the web. Business owners are choosing this platform for many good reasons. Let us look at reasons to know why WP has become the most popular platform for building a website:

1. World’s most popular CMS

Apart from its huge user base, WordPress has millions of developers around the world. The community of Developers brings up new updates, functionalities, and plugins regularly. Taking managed WordPress services bring automatic upgrades and features from providers while you focus on your business growth.

With a powerful content management system, WP ensures a fluid blogging and content management experience. Moreover, you will get total ownership of the content available on the website. That is why it is considered the world’s best blogging platform.

2. Easy to manage and scale your website

Platforms like Linux and Spotify require a good amount of developer skills for its management. On the contrary, WP-powered websites are simple and easy to manage for owners. There is no need for development skills in uploading or management a WP website.

Apart from its simpler management, WP websites are easy to scale up according to your business needs. As traffic and content increases in a website, more resource is essential. Fortunately, you can find a suitable WordPress plan necessary for your project with scalability.

3. Premium themes and plugins

WordPress comes with thousands of premium themes and plugins to use on your website. There are about 55 thousand plugins that give better functionalities and rich features to your website. You will find hundreds of premium WordPress themes suitable for building websites with functionalities and customizability. These features and functionalities are constantly upgraded by the community of developers.

4. Search engines friendly websites

Search engine optimization is a necessary way that helps a website to ranks higher on the search result. Higher ranking on the SERPs means more traffic and sales for a business. But, ranking a website is not easy unless that is optimized according to the guidelines of search engines.

Fortunately, WP websites are search engines friendly and easy to promote. Selecting this platform for building a website means inching closer to the online marketing success of your organization. It is not difficult to find out why it is the most popular platform for building a site from scratch.

5. Security and safety

Though no platform is 100% secure from online threats, yet WordPress is one of the most secure platforms for building websites. Security challenges keep popping up on the web giving headaches to the owners. However, WP developer’s community upgrades and checks vulnerabilities constantly to prevent security breaches. Moreover, you can add security layers to protect your website and sensitive information from falling into the hacker’s hands.


WordPress is one of the most sought-after platforms for building a website for any kind of organization. You will enjoy flexibility, customizability, and rich features which are not found on other platforms. Besides, WordPress hosting is not tied to any platform. You can easily move and integrate with other providers according to your needs. For managed WordPress services, contact us now.

Why is virtual private server an ideal choice for hosting solution?

In the world of hosting solution, the virtual private server has become a popular choice for its own right. The VPS is an operating system that lives inside a parent server which offers dedicated resources to other virtual servers using the virtualization technology. VPS comes with dedicated functionalities with cloud technology and multiple control access to owners. That helps owners to enjoy higher customizability and functions while getting an cutting-edge technology for their websites.

Apart from that, VPS comes with high-speed VPS SSD storage facility. It means customers don’t need to worry about losing their sensitive data due to lack of space. That is why VPS has become a significant hosting solution for companies across the globe.

4 reasons to choose VPS hosting for your website

Many benefits are associated with choosing VPS hosting solution for your website. It provides a dedicated virtual server for your website inside the operating system. As a result, there will be dedicated resource, reliability, and stability for your website. These are essential features necessary to be successful in online marketing. Apart from that, here are some amazing reasons to choose VPS hosting service for your business site:

1. Deploy faster

If you are limited with time in deploying a server, VPS would be the right choice for you. The platform is simple yet come with powerful cloud application server that ensures faster deployment. Consequently, you can time and money of your team necessary in this task. Moreover, you need to spend less time in the management of the infrastructure.

2. Scale easily based on a business needs

As business operations and traffic grow, there is a need to scale up resource for the website. Otherwise, there will be disruption in services as the present resource can’t handle the in-flowing traffic and requests. VPS offers easy to scale up options for customers to use based on their business requirements. With total control on your account, you can easily upgrade the account to meet the rising demands.

3. Security

There is no platform without vulnerabilities and security issues. However, VPS is one of the few high security platforms that protects data and keep malicious attacks at bay. Apart from that, you can buy SSL certificate from the provide to get an extra layer of protection for your website. In this way, you can keep online threats at bay and win the confidence of customers to make payment while shopping.

4. Affordable pricing

Dedicated servers are costly and often not easy to manage. However, VPS gives a dedicated server inside an operating and comes at an affordable price. The cloud hosts many virtual servers and thus comes at a cost-effective price to customers. Though virtual private servers offer many functionalities and controls over the system, yet the VPS pricing is one of the lowest in the industry. You can expect lightning-speed and performance despite paying low prices.

Moreover, you can get managed VPS solutions from reliable providers like Webmatics to get desired performance for your business website. Another reason to choose VPS is environment friendliness as it consumes less energy in comparison to dedicated servers. For VPS plans and pricing, contact us now.

Why choose an Amazon AWS Server for your website hosting?

Amazon Web Services has taken the world of web hosting and IT by storm since its launch in 2002. Many reputable companies, such as NASA, Netflix, and more are taking their web hosting solutions from Amazon. The reason for mentioning these names is not to show its elite customers but the number of powerful features their hosting solutions have for a website. Most importantly, Amazon offers on-demand and cloud-based hosting solutions to businesses on a subscription model.

Reasons to choose Amazon hosting solutions

Amazon hosting solutions give full access to a suite of virtual computers. The pre-loaded applications and software give customers a lot of operating systems to choose from. This feature enables customers to configure and monitor the website through the AWS account. Moreover, Amazon AWS server farms are available across the globe which is maintained by Amazon subsidiary companies. That is why it is regarded as the world’s large public cloud computing service.

Choosing to host your website on the managed AWS cloud gives a lot of advantages over the traditional hosting service. Experts will manage and maintain hosting services minimizing the work of business owners. Besides, here are the top benefits of taking Amazon hosting services:


Save money on the hosting service 

If you are looking for reliable hosting solutions at a reduced cost, Amazon web services have the right solution for you. Amazon servers are cost-effective enabling businesses to cut costs. As the service is available on a subscription model, you will pay for services and resources that you would use for your website operation.

Despite higher scopes of the system, you need to pay a little in adding extra bandwidth or storage on the network. As it is an open-source system, there won’t be higher monthly costs on the subscription.


Use resource and features as per your requirement 

The scalability of the hosting solution is one of the top benefits of choosing Amazon servers. It means businesses can scale up their resource and features used as per their requirements. That means customers can configure their website as per traffic inflows and other requirements. Moreover, hosting solutions are available for small businesses to enterprise-level websites. In this category, the premium AWS lightsail is a wonderful choice for businesses to meet their needs. Moreover, this enables businesses to launch apps and other web solutions in a click.


Higher flexibility for businesses 

The Amazon web server comes with superb flexibility. You get the flexibility of selecting features, operating system, programming and web application platforms. It gives a lot of room to work and configure hosting services based on your needs. Apart from that, you can also use AWS server in building new solutions for your site.


Easy and simple to use 

The AWS server is designed to be simple and easy to use. It means you won’t face problems in maintenance and management. You require a bit of IT knowledge to operate effectively in comparison to the traditional hosting layout. Moreover, it also allows application providers and vendors to host applications immediately. Apart from that, it is secure and offers lightning-fast speed to the website.


Where to buy an Amazon AWS server for your business?

Webmatics is a reliable place to buy this server at a great price with customized and managed solutions to businesses. Our technicians will manage your hosting service while you focus on your business growth. Check out the attractive AWS pricing suitable for your business. Contact us to buy a plan now.